Thank you for stopping by. I’m slowly deciding whether I want this to be a blog or just a site to share my sketches, artwork, knitting, and costuming. It’s an evolving site. Previously it was just my professional career in art and consumer packaging. However, after 10 years of being out of the professional market – it’s sort of silly to continue to pimp my production work.

Currently, I am living with chronic pain of trigeminal neuralgia, spinal stenosis, degenerating discs… I try to be as active as possible but I live in pain. I live conservatively on disability.

Thus far, I have my artwork portfolio broken into three sections: Production Art, Freelance Design and Quick Sketches.

  • Production Art images are a few of the brands I worked on while employed in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Freelance Design encompasses some of my best designs over the years both in Ohio, Louisiana and Texas. Projects can be anything from electronic design to hand painting signs.
  • Quick Sketches are loosely timed 15 minute sketches of whatever strikes me in a small sketchbook I use while traveling around or visiting friends.

I plan to add sections for costuming and fabric crafts. I hope you enjoy my projects. As I live in New Orleans, I try to participate with some local Krewes and music groups.

My eternal thanks go to my son, Stephen Jakubiec of for his patience and understanding of instructing me on the intricacies and custom tweaks that are possible with templates.

This image is my current work in progress of my mother, Eleanora Burns. It is made from beads from her old necklaces and Mardi Gras beads I’ve collected. I also used pins, earrings, charms and other objects to add depth and texture to the piece.